RejuvenationAs we age, our bodies go through a transformation. For many women, the aging process and childbirth take a toll on the vagina, which stretches and loses muscle tone over time. This natural occurrence can lead to reduced sexual satisfaction (for both partners), embarrassment, and a loss of self-esteem that can blindside even the most confident of women. All women can feel at ease discussing this condition with Dr. Marcia Byrd because there are options and effective medical treatments available. At Byrd Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Center, Dr. Byrd has created a nurturing environment for women who expect only the best in surgical and cosmetic procedures. Women are catered to in a discreet and elegant atmosphere, where they feel comfortable speaking freely.

Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery, also known as Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening, is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery is not considered to be an aesthetic procedure – it is a functional procedure involving the tightening of the inner and outer muscles and structures of the vagina enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. The primary goal of Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery is to enhance sexual gratification for the patient. Some women also elect to combine Vaginal Rejuvenation with other aesthetic vaginal surgeries, such as Labiaplasty.

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Candidates for Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Loss of sensation in the vagina
  • No pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Loose feeling and no control of vaginal muscles
  • Deformed or overlarge labia
  • Can not keep tampons in place
  • Air or gas like noises during sex

About the Procedure

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a procedure performed using general anesthesia, to tighten the vaginal muscles. During the procedure, Dr. Byrd will reduce the internal and external diameter of the vagina and tightening the internal muscles to a patient’s specifications, thereby increasing friction experienced during intercourse. Sometimes Vaginoplasty is combined with Labiaplasty – a surgery to reshape the lips and change the exterior appearance. The entire procedure takes one to two hours to complete.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Byrd, you will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals. She will evaluate you as a candidate and clarify what a Vaginoplasty and/or Labiaplasty can do for you.

Aftercare and Recovery

Recovery from Vaginal Rejuvenation only requires a few days off work. You should also abstain from sexual activity for approximately four-to-six weeks. Dr. Byrd also recommends that you avoid using tampons, refrain from wearing tight clothing (e.g. thongs), and properly cleanse the area daily. If Labiaplasty was performed, you will also have to apply antibiotic ointment to the incisions twice daily for about five days. Discomfort should be minimal, and the tissues in this area tend to heal very quickly, although your experience may vary. Most patients report little pain; however, medication can be prescribed to manage your symptoms if needed.

Dr. Marcia Byrd cares for patients throughout the United States and Canada. Locally, they service the North Atlanta, GA area including Roswell GA, Alpharetta GA, Milton GA, Woodstock GA, Canton GA, Dunwoody GA, Sandy Springs, GA and more. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss the O-Shot, call (770) 587-1711 and schedule a consultation. Be the best you can be and live a full life – there is no reason to wait!