THERMIfaceDr. Marcia Byrd, M.D., at Byrd Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center in Atlanta, GA is pleased to provide a non-invasive skin smoothing treatment called THERMIsmooth® Face. THERMIsmooth® Face uses controlled radio frequency energy to gently provide a heating effect to deeper layers of the skin. This controlled heating causes contraction of collagen fibers and a tightening of the treated skin. There is also a prolonged increase in the production of collagen to support the skin from within, for overall improved skin quality. THERMIsmooth® Face is effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also providing circumferential skin tightening to various areas of the face and neck. For some, THERMIsmooth® Face may put off surgical procedures such as a Facelift or a Necklift.

Candidates for THERMIsmooth® Face

THERMIsmooth® Face is a non-invasive way to lift and smooth skin of the face without any pain or downtime. Although treatments can be done for the entire face, the application is ideal for the fine skin around the eyes and lips.

About the Treatment

THERMIsmooth® Face is performed in an office setting. First, a small amount of topical gel will be applied to the area being treated – Some patients compare this non-invasive wrinkle reduction treatment to a heated massage! Dr. Byrd will then gently move the hand piece over the surface of your skin in a circular motion, to slowly heat the area followed by 5 minutes of sustained heat. Advanced technology will ensure that the temperature does not get too hot. Depending on the size of the area being treated, each session may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Slight pinkness and minor swelling may occur following your treatment but will quickly resolve.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Most patients begin to see benefits from THERMIsmooth® Face after the first treatment, and typically 3 treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. Production and strengthening of collagen in the skin, called collagenesis, is a gradual process, so smoothing and tightening changes become more apparent as time goes on, with full results achieved after 3-6 months and lasting one year or longer. Single maintenance treatments are recommended every 9-12 months.

ThermiSmooth Eyelid Before and After

Aftercare and Recovery

In almost all cases, patients who undergo the THERMIsmooth® Face procedure need no recovery time—you can simply get back to your day. In rare cases minor swelling and redness may occur. The THERMIsmooth® Face procedure is usually very quick. Most sessions last about 30 minutes. Treatments are gentle, with patients often comparing it to the feel of a hot stone massage.


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