Tattoo Removal | Dr. Byrd | Atlanta, GAWith age, style changes, and job requirements, tattoos often become a source of regret instead of everlasting pleasure. Now you can remove tattoos effectively and safely with laser tattoo removal. The advanced technology of the Cynosure Affinity QS Laser, available at Byrd Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center in Atlanta, GA, uses dual wave lengths to remove a wide range of colored tattoos.

About the Procedure

The laser works by delivering powerful laser light pulses into selective areas of the skin, mechanically breaking down pigmented areas while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected. This laser is not only safe, but does not leave scars and has minimal side effects compared to tattoo removal options of the past. Most colors can be removed, including black, blue, green, brown, and even red.

Number of Treatments Needed

Each person is as unique as their tattoo, but most professional tattoos take between 5-10 treatments. Homemade tattoos usually take less. Laser tattoo removal treatments are spaced out 4-6 weeks apart. The number of treatments can depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • Amount of ink used
  • Depth of the ink placed in the skin
  • Type of ink used
  • Location
  • Age of the tattoo
  • Colors used

Aftercare and Recovery

Slight discomfort may be experienced, but the process is much faster than getting the original tattoo. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.


After the procedure, surrounding skin may become red and swollen or even blistered. Blisters can get quite large at times and cover the entire tattoo. These blisters are superficial and will heal well, but may be uncomfortable for a couple of days.

We have worked hard to create a warm, inviting office environment, where you will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your tattoo removal experience. If you would like additional information about procedures at Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center, please contact us at 866/671-5633 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Byrd.