Lipedema Patient After Treatment Using Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL)

After treatment Lipedema, Atlanta, GAMy dad’s wife took this photo yesterday and I always cringe when my legs are going to be in a photo. But when I saw it, I realized really what a great job you did and that I need to get over my lifelong history of “cankles”. I still wear compression almost all the time, and know if I didn’t my legs would look a lot different because I can feel the swelling. But how wonderful to play in the water or wear shorts for a while feeling “normal”! You are awesome!

April 2016  C.E.  SC



Mini-Facelift and Erbium Resurfacing

Donna Leidner

Donna Leidner, Roswell, GA

“Everybody who sees me does a double take,” says Donna Leidner of Roswell, Georgia, of her Mini Facelift and Erbium Laser Resurfacing by Byrd Aesthetic. “The outcome was marvelous. Even my husband was pleased and he had told me not to do it!”

Donna moved to the Atlanta metro area from Hilton Head, South Carolina, in late 2005 and first saw Dr. Byrd in 2006 for liposuction. She first visited Dr. Byrd simply because she offered a wide range of aesthetic services and because her office was nearby.

“I want a good doctor and I want to be able to trust her to do everything under the sun, and this lady can,” she said. “She’s really wonderful! I just told her, “I want to look younger,” and she did what she does! She’s always happy to answer any questions I have and to provide handouts to read about the procedure. And she’s very organized, being very clear about medicines and what to do afterwards. You just get the feeling that she cares and that she’d do anything for you! She really gives you her 100% to make you look the best you can look.”

 Non-Surgical Breast Lift, SmartLipo, and Erbium Resurfacing

Melissa Messeguer

Melissa Messeguer

“I had looked up different surgeons on the internet and talked with some of them in the past, but never got to the point where I was comfortable with anyone before,” says Melissa Messeguer. “Not too many of them were doing the Non-Surgical Breast Lift. Most were doing traditional breast lifts, which require general anesthesia and can cause a lot of scarring. I have a strong aversion to going under general anesthesia and really didn’t want to do that.”

“I learned that Dr. Byrd was known for doing an almost scarless non-surgical breast lift that doesn’t require general anesthesia, so I got in touch with her. And once I talked with her, there was no need to see anybody else. I just felt so comfortable with her! You get the idea that she really gets what you’re saying. She and her people are just really friendly, and they’re on it.”

“So I made plans to have the non-surgical breast lift with Dr. Byrd, but I had doubts at the last minute. Dr. Byrd said, “If you’re not sure, don’t do it.” That made me feel good . . . she wasn’t trying to sell me anything or push me into anything, she was just trying to help me do what I wanted to do! I had read about Smartlipo on her website – the short down-time, the quick recovery – and I decided to do that instead, for now. I was just so comfortable with it! They give you something to relax you; it’s a really stress-free experience. Dr. Byrd also fixed a scar from years ago during the surgery. At the same time, I had my eyes done with the Erbium Laser Resurfacing,” Melissa said.

“The results were awesome! The SmartLipo really changed my shape. Clothes fit better and I look and feel better. And friends say I look much younger, especially around the eyes!”


Dolores Sherman

Dolores Sherman, Warner Robins, GA

A retired nurse, Dolores Sherman of Warner Robins, Georgia demands the best when it comes to her own health care. “When I’m having any type of procedure done, you can bet I’ll do my research.”

“I’ve known about Smartlipo for quite a long time. I wasn’t interested in traditional Liposuction because I don’ like the downsides of it. But I had gained weight over the years and jut wasn’t able to lose it – and I had tried very hard. so when I found out the FDA had approved SmartLipo, I decided to do it for my 60th birthday and “jump start” my weight loss. I did a lot of research and found that Dr. Byrd is one of the most competent doctors in this area. She had received some of the early training in it and even knew the man who invented it.”

“I met with her and was even more impressed. She was very upfront about what I could and couldn’t expect the surgery to do. She guided me in what to do before and after the surgery and how to get the best results, but she didn’t treat me like an idiot – she made me feel good about myself. Everything about the process went just as she described. After the surgery, I wore one of those compression garments and followed her instructions and the weight just started falling off. I recently wore a black cocktail dress that had been in my closet for years!” “Now my daughter is making plans to go to Dr. Byrd for the same SmartLipo procedure I had. I would never trust my daughter to anyone else! If there were 50 doctors doing this procedure, I’d still choose her.”

Injectable Wrinkle Fillers

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for the Injectable Filler work you have done for me. Daily, I appreciate the time and talent you have extended in my direction. I really enjoy the results of my decision and am so grateful to have found you and to know that you are a phone call away when the need for “tweaking” arises!


L. D.

Bioidentical Hormones

The last couple of years my life has been the best, by far. The Bioidentical Hormones that I am taking have given me a new lease on life – a tenacity, strength and positive energy that I never possessed on my own.

I have been quite successful at a new job, which at my age of 58 is probably not too common. This success I attribute primarily to the contribution the hormones have made to my personality and to my physical health and strength.

I feel strongly that some trends toward irritable bowel syndrome and possible urinary incontinence were stopped in their tracks by the benefits of the supplements I have taken. A few weeks ago I decided to leave off one of the treatment components to see what would happen. (You know some people will try to tell you that what you are doing is unsafe and unnecessary.) My energy level took a nosedive, as did my feeling of optimism and joy. Needless to say – I went right back to the full dosage. Life is short and it may as well be as sweet as possible!

N. A., Roswell, GA

Bioidentical HRT

Thank you so much from sharing your knowledge and expertise in the field of Bio-Identical HRT. It has made such a positive change in my life that I am telling everyone who will listen. I will be 57 soon and have been post-menopausal for almost 10 years. For the last 5 years my major concerns were vaginal dryness and low sex drive. BioIdentical hormone replacement has fixed both of those things and more. I only wish more women could be aware of these wonderful supplements. I am doing what I can to spread the word because my life is worth living again. Thank you Dr. Byrd, you’re a girl’s best friend!

N. S., Roswell, Georgia

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I have been back in Bali for 2 months now. I was ecstatic about the results from my Mesotherapy treatments when I left Atlanta, but it just keeps getting better. You were right. It does keep on working after treatments stop. My legs look better than ever. No more cottage cheese on my legs. Hooray! Thank you Dr. Byrd for the fantastic results I got from Mesotherapy.

C. G., Bali, Indonesia

“Mesotherapy is amazing! I have gone from size 40 to 34 with 12 treatments. My exercise and diet program alone just would not work.”

M. V., Atlanta, GA

I am French so I have known about Mesotherapy for many years. I did it 20 years ago in my home in Corsica. Beaches are popular over there and French women want to keep looking good in bathing suits. They don’t want fat or cellulite anywhere on their bodies. And, we do wear less at French beaches than on American beaches. So when I heard of Dr. Marcia V. Byrd doing mesotherapy, I jumped on the phone, made an appointment, and did a series of treatments. Mesotherapy got rid of my cellulite that would never go away otherwise. I also incorporated exercise and diet changes. All three together got me to the weight I wanted to be and look great at my French beaches. I recommend mesotherapy to anybody who is committed to dropping pounds and getting rid of the ugly orange peel look.

Thanks Dr. Byrd!
C. W., Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Dr. Byrd,

“Mesotherapy for me?” “Too good to be true,” I thought. At age 52 and on the short and round side of the gene pool, I had tried ALL the diets with no results. Even rigorous exercise and liposuction did not give me lasing results. So, because of my faith in Dr. Byrd I decided to try mesotherapy.

It actually worked way beyond my expectations! Along with exercise, lots of water aerobics, tweaking my dietary habits, and the incredible mesotherapy, I lost more pounds and inches than I ever thought possible. My life, my attitude, and my outlook have changed. I feel fabulous! I am complimented every day, and my husband and family are proud of me.
D. R., Alpharetta, GA

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Melasma Hyperpigmentation

Dear Dr. Byrd and Diane,

I want to thank you both for your help with the melasma (hyperpigmentation) problem. I have suffered with this for several years. In an effort to clear my complexion of the many dark splotches and spots, I sought help from both dermatologists and aestheticians. I tried everything from microdermabrasion to chemical peels to topical medications to oral supplements to lasers. All of these either had no effect or made the condition worse.

I am thrilled now to say that you provided me with a miracle. Cosmelan is the first and only product I have ever seen positive results with. I am so grateful that you knew about this amazing treatment for this condition. It has quickly and dramatically improved both the tone and the texture of my skin to the point that it looks better than it ever has. The blotches and spots have faded so much that I no longer have to try and cover them with makeup. That alone is remarkable. Thank you both again.

K. W., Alpharetta, GA

Tumescent Liposuction

Dr. Byrd, please put this testimonial on your website so I can tell everyone about my wonderful experience with Tumescent Liposuction. I had liposuction several years ago. Now, let me tell you what I have been fortunate enough to discover: Tumescent Liposuction. It is a non-invasive procedure that allows fat to be removed without general anesthesia. There is no pain and with just one week in the compression garment, you have the ability to continue life without any downtime. You can even get up the next morning and drive yourself to your recheck visit.

This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is true. I know because I did it. My results are beautiful. The icing on the cake for me was no downtime. For anyone considering fat removal, this is the way to go. Dr. Byrd is a miracle worker. I hope that others will have the same chance I had experiencing the wonderful results of her Tumescent Liposuction procedure.

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