NeoGraft | Dr. Marcia Byrd | Atlanta, GADr. Marcia Byrd and her colleagues at The Atlanta Center for Hair Restoration (ACHR), located in Roswell, Georgia, have developed a successful type of hair restoration process known as NeoGraft. The method uses the latest technology to attach healthy hair to the scalp of the patient. NeoGraft is the result of many years of research and was developed in such a way that it causes minimum pain to the patients and requires minimal invasive surgery. NeoGraft can be used on anyone, even on those who are completely bald.

Anyone who is frustrated as a result of their baldness or has tried other treatments to no avail should definitely give a try to the NeoGraft hair restoration method of Dr. Marcia Byrd. The treatment is well proven and its efficacy has been scientifically established. There are hundreds of patients that have already undergone the treatment and many more will do to in the future.

The treatment has helped many men and women regain not only their hair, but also their confidence. Loss of hair can be depressing can start affecting other areas of life as well. It is imperative to seek treatment as soon as the symptoms start appearing

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Candidates for NeoGraft

During your initial consultation, Dr. Byrd or Dr. McCluskey will assess your potential harvest and donor areas, and discuss the results you can anticipate after your NeoGraft treatment. NeoGraft is an excellent hair restoration option for both men and women, and can also be utilized for body hair transplants and facial hair restoration.

Men: Hair loss is a common phenomenon that affects most men today. It has increased in recent years due to the increased pollution and is starting to affect younger men as well. It is known as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Many treatments, like hair restoration have been devised to combat the problem of hair loss. One of the best treatments is hair transplant, it has been successfully used for many years now and has helped many patients in regaining their hair.

Women: Hair loss among women is at an all time high today. Many women are seeing the symptoms at a very young age. It is probably due to increased usage of shampoos and hair conditioners, these products contain many harmful chemicals, and could lead to hair loss. Over the years, many different types of treatments have become available for hair loss among women. One of the best known treatments is hair restoration, it has been in use for many years and has helped many patients in regaining their lost hair.

Benefits of NeoGraft Hair Restoration

  • Minimally invasive procedure with no conspicuous post-procedural scarring
  • Reduces the potential for damaged hair follicles
  • Allows for a greater number of successfully transplanted follicles, resulting in thicker, more voluminous hair
  • Enables practitioners to place grafts more precisely, resulting in a more natural hairline
  • Reduces risk of complications such as infection, nerve damage, and blood vessel damage
  • Results in a faster recovery with fewer activity and hairstyle limitations

About the Procedure

The NeoGraft procedure typically takes 3-8 hours; however, the exact time frame is dependent upon the number of hair follicles to be extracted and transplanted. During the pain-free procedure, patients are awake and will be able to relax and watch television, read a book, etc.

Your hair will appear thicker immediately following your NeoGraft procedure, because actual hair follicles have been transplanted into your scalp; however, these initial results will dissipate as the “new” hairs shed 2-3 weeks following your procedure. The true regrowth will become apparent approximately 3-4 months later, as new hair grows from the transplanted follicles, and remain a permanent part of your hair growth cycle. NeoGraft only utilizes hair follicles that are genetically resistant to thinning and/or balding, which means that your new hair growth will be permanent.

  • Scalpel-free, suture-free technique
  • Least invasive hair transplantation method available
  • The use of a motorized punch and pneumatic pressure (suction) to extract each hair follicle directly from the scalp leaves the surrounding tissue, nerves and blood vessels untouched and undamaged
  • Nearly pain free procedure, requiring only local anesthetics—patients are conscious, comfortable, and aware during the entire procedure
  • Unlike the manual forceps technique, each graft is created uniformly, and pneumatic pressure ensures that every follicle is preserved whole and undamaged
  • Prior to being re-implanted in their new location on the scalp, the donor grafts are sealed in a container, separated according to size, and misted with a sterile solution to remain moist and maintain their integrity
  • Decreased procedure time, making NeoGraft a more cost-effective option than manual FUE techniques

Aftercare and Recovery

  • Faster, more comfortable recovery period after the procedure
  • Fewer activity limitations following the NeoGraft procedure
  • Minimized risk of complications such as infection, scarring, bleeding and damage to the nerves or blood vessels
  • No post-procedural linear scarring across the scalp, enabling patients to wear short hairstyles if they wish


Operating the NeoGraft machine effectively requires a high level of skill and precision; however, when performed by a well-trained and experienced professional such as Dr. Byrd or Dr. McCluskey, the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure is very safe and has a low risk of complications.

Dr. Marcia Byrd and Dr. Paul McCluskey care for patients throughout the United States and Canada. Locally, they service the North Atlanta, GA area including Roswell GA, Alpharetta GA, Milton GA, Woodstock GA, Canton GA, Dunwoody GA, Sandy Springs, GA and more. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss NeoGraft Hair Restoration call (770) 587-1711 and schedule a consultation. Be the best you can be and live a full life – there is no reason to wait!