Mini Facelift | Dr. Byrd | Atlanta, GAThe Mini Facelift is an excellent compliment to Dr. Byrd’s other Soft Beautification procedures to provide the best possible cosmetic improvements with minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Byrd’s techniques provide an overall lift to the lower region of the face and upper neck, offering significant age-diminishing effects with minimal downtime and lasting results.

The Mini Facelift permanently suspends the underlying structures of the lower face offering a more youthful appearance for years to come. Although the procedure can produce significant aesthetic improvement for most people, it is important to remember that after any facial procedure, the normal aging process resumes. Lifestyle choices, bone structure, skin type, sun exposure and heredity all play a part in determining how long the desired result will last.

Dr. Byrd’s Mini Facelift offers very natural-looking results. Patients enjoy an overall firming of the lower facial area, noticeable jaw line definition and a more elegant neckline by tightening the connective tissue layer below the skin (called the “superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS), making the results long lasting.

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Candidates for a Mini Facelift

Dr. Byrd’s Mini Facelift is designed for both women and men in the 40 years and up range who want to look as young as they feel. Some of the most common complaints include:

  • Lost elasticity in the skin
  • Sagging skin along the jaw line and beneath the chin
  • Laxity in the cheek, jowl and neck areas
  • Sun damage

About the Procedure

Dr. Byrd’s procedure typically takes between one and two hours and is performed in Dr. Byrd’s office. A mild sedative is typically administered before the procedure to help you be relaxed and comfortable.

A small, relaxed “S” shaped incision is made beginning along the sideburn, extending along the tragus of the ear, around the earlobe and up to the hairline toward the nape. Meticulous attention is given to the placement of the incision line to promote an inconspicuous scar. The underlying connective tissue and facial musculature is gently lifted and tightened using a double purse-string suture technique, which immediately enhances the appearance of the jaw line and upper neck, and makes the improvement long lasting. The redundant skin is then tailored and the incision is carefully closed under magnification using a suturing technique designed to reduce tension and minimize any visible scarring. In some cases, a submental tuck, which further addresses the upper neck, or liposuction of the neck and jowl area may performed in conjunction with the mini lift for optimal aesthetic results.

Generally, the results obtained with the Mini Facelift and other combination therapies are predictable and quite dramatic, sometimes erasing 5, 10 even 15 years from one’s appearance.

Aftercare and Recovery

A Mini Facelift is often called a “weekend facelift” because some people have the procedure and are back at work in a day or two. Although this may be true for some patients depending on their occupations — the downtime will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Byrd typically recommends 4-5 days, depending on how you are feeling and your healing progress.

Although a prescription for pain medication can be provided, most patients say over-the-counter Tylenol is all they need to alleviate any discomfort. Some people may experience temporary bruising, which can be camouflaged with makeup after three days. To minimize swelling, patients are encouraged to sleep with their head elevated for the first week and to apply cold compresses the first 48 hours. As with any type of surgery, there are inherent risks, which can include post-operative swelling, bleeding and visible scarring. However, refraining from smoking and carefully following the pre- and post-procedure instructions reduces the likelihood of these complications.

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