Sciton Forever Young BBL™ (Broadband Light)

The root cause of many common skin issues originate below the surface of the skin, rendering topical treatments ineffective. To successfully treat these skin problems would require an advanced treatment powerful enough to reach the deeper skin layers without damaging the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). Fortunately, the Sciton Forever Young BBL (broadband light) treatment is designed to safely and effectively treat skin conditions at their source, and utilizes low-frequency photo-thermal energy to gently and safely heat the inner layers of the skin. When damaged skin cells absorb this photo-thermal energy, they become stimulated to generate new collagen (a vital component of healthy, youthful skin).

Forever Young BBL employs a broad range of energy wavelengths to allow for more even treatment and more comprehensive rejuvenation. A thermoelectric monitoring system adjusts the temperature during the procedure, eliminating the need for anesthetics and ensuring that patients remain comfortable throughout the treatment. Additionally, Forever Young BBL treatments offer long-lasting results and do not require any post-procedure downtime, allowing busy patients to immediately return to their daily activities.

Candidates for Forever Young BBL Treatment

Forever Young BBL treatments are designed to address and correct a number of skin issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Age or sun spots
  • Scar revision
  • Uneven skin pigmentation, tone or texture
  • Moles or telangiectasia (spider veins)
  • Broken capillaries or redness (erythema)

In order to achieve the best possible results from your Forever Young BBL treatments, they should be administered by a trained practitioner who specializes in the aesthetic enhancement field.  As the Medical Director and co-founder of Byrd Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center, Dr. Marcia Byrd has over 25 years of experience performing minimally invasive anti-aging procedures, and she has been heralded as a leader in the aesthetic enhancement industry. In the skillful and experienced hands of Dr. Byrd, you will be able to safely revitalize and rejuvenate the condition of your skin with Forever Young BBL treatments.

About the Procedure

Anesthesia is not required for your BBL procedure, but you will be provided with protective eyewear during the treatment. Dr. Byrd will apply the Forever Young BBL hand piece to the designated treatment area and will deliver precise pulses of light energy, which can produce a light stinging sensation (very mild and usually well-tolerated). The entire treatment takes only 15-30 minutes, after which you may resume your normal daily activities.

Aftercare and Recovery

Your skin may appear flushed for a few days after your BBL treatment, and certain dark spots may temporarily appear to darken; however this will resolve within 7-14 days and can be concealed with makeup. You will be advised to wear sunscreen for several weeks after your treatment to protect your skin as it heals, and within 1-3 weeks, your skin will appear noticeably brighter, clearer, and more youthful.

At Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center, our practice is built on the principle of treatment customization, meaning that as our patient, you will receive a treatment plan that has been uniquely tailored to reflect your specific aesthetic preferences, and is designed to bring your cosmetic enhancement goals to fruition. We understand the importance of well-informed patients, and will take the time to thoroughly explain your Forever Young BBL treatment options.

We have worked hard to create a warm, inviting office environment, where you will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your Forever Young BBL experience. If you would like additional information about other skin care procedures at Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center, please contact us at 866/671-5633 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Byrd.