Browlift | Byrd Aesthetic | Atlanta, GAFacial expressions are one of the primary methods human beings utilize to communicate feelings and emotions to the outside world. Unfortunately, as we age, lines and creases between our eyes and across our foreheads begin to form, which can distort our facial appearance and make us appear perpetually sad, tired, or angry. This problem is often exacerbated by the formation of lateral skin folds (hooding) in the outer corners of the eyes between the eyebrow and eyelid.

Fortunately, browlift surgery was designed to address and correct these aesthetic problems, and can minimize the appearance of frown lines (lines on the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows) and forehead creases, thereby restoring a more refreshed, youthful facial appearance. Browlifts can also correct any hooding in the upper eyelid region by raising the eyebrows, effectively creating a more alert and rejuvenated facial appearance.

Browlift surgery is often performed in conjunction with other facial aesthetic enhancement procedures (i.e.,Eyelid Surgery, Skin Resurfacing, Rhinoplasty, Mini-FaceliftFull Facelift), and can serve as an integral component of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment plan.

Browlift surgery requires a significant degree of precision and accuracy, which is why it is very important that your browlift surgery be performed by a skillful, Board Certified plastic surgeon with a keen eye for facial aesthetics. Dr. Byrd has in-depth knowledge of the intricate facial structures, and takes pride in helping patients rejuvenate and revitalize their facial appearance with safe and successful browlift procedures.

Procedural Options

  • Coronal Browlift: after making an incision along the hairline across the top of the head, Dr. Byrd will raise the entire forehead and weaken some of the forehead muscles in order to diminish the appearance of horizontal forehead lines and furrows.
  • Temporal Browlift: with this technique, Dr. Byrd will utilize a series of smaller incisions made in the temple region of the scalp and forehead and scalp to raise the forehead. This technique offers the advantage of concealing most of the incisions within the scalp; however, only the outer portion of the brow is lifted and the results are not as comprehensive or long-lasting as coronal lifts.
  • Mid-Forehead Browlift: this technique is best suited for individuals (typically men) with deep forehead wrinkles and/or a receding hairline. When performing this technique, Dr. Byrd will excise the skin just above the brows and raise the musculature around the eyes.
  • Endoscopic Browlift: during this procedure, a tiny camera mounted on the end of an endoscope is inserted through very small incisions along the hairline, in order to remove the corrugator supercilli and procerus muscles (the muscles between the eyebrows that are responsible for causing frown lines between the eyebrows) and to raise and reposition the forehead. This technique was developed to provide a less invasive alternative to the coronal browlift procedure.
    After conducting a thorough evaluation of your facial anatomy and aesthetic goals, Dr. Byrd will select the optimal browlift technique to ensure the fulfillment of your surgical objectives.

Recovery and Aftercare

For the first 2-4 days following your browlift surgery you will need to wear a soft wrap around your head, and you will be advised to keep your head elevated whenever possible, in order to decrease post-surgical bruising and swelling. You will return to the office approximately 7 days after surgery to have your surgical staples or sutures removed. In general, patients are able to gradually resume physical activity 2-3 weeks after their surgery; however, this time frame varies depending upon your body’s unique capacity to heal itself. Coronal browlifts often require longer recovery periods than the temporal, endoscopic and mid-brow procedures, and can cause temporary post-surgical numbness or itching.

At Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center, our practice is built on the principle of treatment customization, meaning that as our patient, you will receive a treatment plan that has been uniquely tailored to reflect your specific aesthetic preferences, and is designed to bring your cosmetic enhancement goals to fruition. We understand the importance of well-informed patients, and will take the time to thoroughly explain your browlift details and procedural options. In the capable hands of Dr. Byrd and her staff, you can rest easy knowing that your safety is our first priority, and that we will take great care to minimize any potential complications during and after your surgery.

Dr. Marcia Byrd cares for patients throughout the United States and Canada. Locally, she services the North Atlanta, GA area including Roswell GA, Alpharetta GA, Milton GA, Woodstock GA, Canton GA, Dunwoody GA, Sandy Springs, GA and more. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss the Browlift procedure, call (770) 587-1711 and schedule a consultation. Be the best you can be and live a full life – there is no reason to wait!