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At first glance, Botox and injectable fillers may seem like two diametrically opposed ways of dealing with the same issue: wrinkles and other aging-related lines or imperfections in the skin. However, these two treatments, when combined hand-in-hand, work with remarkable synergy that can leave your face looking years younger.

What are these two treatments?

Botox is a treatment devised from the natural Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein produced by certain species of bacteria. When refined for clinical use and injected in specially chosen muscle groups of the face and neck, Botox smooths out the muscle groups, relaxing wrinkles and erasing age lines. A remarkably effective treatment, Botox use has seen widespread success over many thousands of patients across the United States and throughout the world.

Injectable fillers address the issue of age-related wrinkles and skin blemishes from a different perspective. Rather than reducing the wrinkles by straightening and relaxing the muscles themselves, fillers are worked into the spaces between the strands of muscles and the skin, filling in gaps or blemishes and returning a smooth appearance to the skin.

An exciting synergy

While both of these treatments alone offer tremendous benefits to patients, the benefit of having a medical professional like Marcia V. Byrd, M.D. is her wide-ranging knowledge about how to use particular treatments in concert to ensure the best possible results. Botox and injectable fillers together can work like a match made in heaven. Botox addresses the long-term wrinkles caused by facial muscles tightening, and then the filler treatments can fill in any gaps or creases left after the Botox treatment has taken effect. With experience in treating skin blemishes and facial wrinkles of all sorts, the team at the Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center can devise a specialized treatment for you that accounts for your own particular features and issues. We can then craft a specialized course of treatment that individually addresses problem areas with Botox, injectable fillers, and other procedures and treatments to ensure the closest possible match between your dreams and reality. Take a look at more of the detailed information on these treatments here.

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